All services do not need to be attached to web design.  We are happy to provide you with just the services you require.

Basic Website $500

Every website we build is special to us.  It combines our years of creative and technical work to making a sleek and simple site that will grab a viewer's attention and communicate to them your vision, your product and why they should invest in you.

Our goal is that you feel more legitamate and confident in what you do and that your customers understand why they love you and come to you for your services.  

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Video Promos

$500 - $2000+

Every business is different and so the needs for a video can vary. Our goal is to create something that quickly conveys your message while entertaining and inspiring your customers or associates to do business with you.  

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$500 - $2000

The many magical illustrations you find on this website are the result of very careful study, but can add a layer of professionally and panache to your presentation.  An illustration immediately conveys that you go out of your way to please or impress a client.

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$500 - $2000

Create a professional image with a head shot or romantic photo of your business storefront or interior.  Custom photography can enhance your website and also give you options for further promotions via email or old-fashioned snail mail.

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Graphic Design

$500 - $2000

To enhance your business, add some embellishment to your communication via email, letterhead or on your website.  With a skilled hand, you can present your business or yourself as on-the-cutting-edge.  As examples:


A logo shows that you are an established leader in your field.  Going through the trouble of conceiving an image to represent your brand is the sign of a well formed and mature business.

Business Cards

Quickly demonstrate your sincerity and professionality with an elegantly designed business card.  In an increasingly digital world, business cards are a fresh reminder that old ways are sometimes the best.

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Social Media


Social Media is the unavoidable part of every new business.  It can be confusing and overwhelming.  We love to make things simple and clear, both in web design and social media.  Communicate your message at the right times and on the right platform(s) so that you can connect with other businesses as well as your customers to increase your business. 

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Marketing and branding are two things that are a natural part of every website we build.  To know how to organize your site, we must understand your message and clarify it with the work we do, so consider this a part of our Basic Website Fee of $500.  It is our goal that you not only have a great website, but a clearer vision of:

  1. Who you are
  2. Who your customer is
  3. What they want
  4. How to tell them you have what they want clearly

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As well as marketing your brand, we are happy to use a number of simple SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to make your website more visible and searchable on the web so that you stand out amongst your competition and can be found more easily by potential customers.

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